Parish Education Advisory Board

St. Mary’s School is a part of the St. Mary’s Catholic Parish Community and a key part of the parish’s mission and ministry. The Parish Education Advisory Board is an advisory body to the Parish Priest and Principal and has four main objectives:

• to ensure and encourage the provision of Catholic education for all parishioners;

• to advise and guide the school in nurturing the academic, intellectual, spiritual, physical, social and emotional development of each child;

• to support the school’s aims of achieving excellence through a broad and inspiring curriculum, a love of learning and the development of life skills by all students, and

• to advise and support the school in fulfilling its vision and promoting an open, dynamic environment in which individuals are challenged at the highest level, and encouraged and empowered to reach their full potential

The Parish Education Advisory Board acts as a forum for discussion on matters concerning education in the parish. It acts in an advisory capacity and is an extension of the parish community. Its membership includes the parish priest, the school principal, the parish priest’s nominee, the Parents’ Committee nominee and up to eight parents elected by the school community.

The Board usually meets eight times a year.

Through membership on the Parish Education Advisory Board each person assumes a leadership role in the parish.  Members must be committed to the values and principles outlined in the Board’s Vision Statement.

For more information about the Board click on the link to download the Parish Education Board Constitution as PDF.

Parish Education Board Constitution pdf

Parents are welcome to discuss any issue relating to the activities of the Parish Education Advisory Board with members of the Board. Our current PEAB members for 2021 are listed below.

Monsignor Stuart Hall Parish Priest (Ex-Officio)
Shane Tobin Principal (Ex-Officio)
Lauren Jones School Executive Representative
James Harman Chair
Sarah Flanigan Deputy Chair
Suzanne Lawrence Secretary
Susanne Tepe Parish Representative
Jennifer Righetti Parents' Committee Representative
Sarah Alvares Parent Representative
Sergio Freire Parent Representative
Rachael Harmer Parent Representative