Parents’ Committee

The Parents Committee (“PC”) is an integral part of the community of St Mary’s Parish Primary School. Parents join the PC in a voluntary capacity to be part of their child’s education and to actively participate in the organisation of a range of social, fundraising and other activities.

All parents are encouraged to join the Parents Committee. An important feature of the PC is the opportunity to become acquainted with one another and grow in friendship, whilst supporting our children’s school.

Through the support of the PC, the school enjoys amenities and equipment which could not otherwise be purchased. The parents also help maintain school grounds and buildings at working bees which are held during the year.

Executive Committee

President Bridget Yole
Vice President Louise Pooley
Secretary Natalie Barnes
Treasurer Nick Fennessy

Active Committee Members

Social Committee Coordinators Summer Drinks: Andrea Tudor & Jo Freire
Social Committee Coordinators Trivia Night: Annie Storey, Natalie Sutherland & Jenny Righetti
Grants & Sponsorships Coordinators
Hospitality Liaison Andrea Tudor & Bec Pellicano
Maintenance Officer Shane Yole
Working Bee Coordinator Bridget Yole
Hot Food Day Coordinators Sally Wajszel, Caitlin Bowden, Tina Biscan & Steph Chalikias
Mother’ Group Convener Jo Freire & Laura Pullar
Fathers’ Group Convener Simon Frost & Mike Barnett
St Mary’s Care Jo Freire, Pina Cataldo (First Fridays)
Parish Education Advisory Board (PEAB) Representative Sally Sutherland

Grade Representatives

Foundation Bec Pellicano, Bec Dooley, Rosaria Thorsen & Priscilla Hau
Grade 1 Jane De Cruz, Jacinta McCarthy, Tamara Garvey & Alicia Martin
Grade 2 Katri Goldsworthy, Sarah Ziebell, Tanja Maliszewski & Justine Grzybowski
Grade 3 Rachael Harmer, Liz Wilson, Eliza Weaving & Chari Hall
Grade 4 Diana Tencic, Roanne DeMenezes, Josie Carni & Letitia Anderson
Grade 5 Laura Oborne & Cara Price
Grade 6 Meg Lewis, Bec Mulcahy, Deahn Dewar & Natalie Van Arts

Fair Committee

Chairperson TBC
Coordinator TBC
Food Stalls coordinators TBC
Non Food stall coordinator TBC
Treasurer TBC
Communications/Marketing TBC
Logistics Manager TBC
Sponsorships TBC