Vision and Mission Statement


At St. Mary’s Malvern East we are all responsible for being a welcoming, inclusive Foundation to Year 6 Catholic community. Through respectful partnerships, we strive for excellence and take action in a contemporary world.


St Mary’s is a school:

Where our Catholic Identity is visible and encourages a passionate response to the needs of contemporary society.

Where the learning and teaching is an exemplar of Catholic Education; challenging and innovative, embracing the uniqueness of individuals as lifelong learners, in a global and ever changing world.

That provides a safe and secure environment that nurtures each child’s potential and wellbeing, with an appreciation and active response to the voice of every child.

That values and respects the partnerships of parents, parish and wider community in building positive relationships that promote faith, learning and optimism.

St Mary’s is a community that embraces change and inspires hope and a positive vision for the school. It is a welcoming environment of mutual respect, trust and support.


As an Australian school, we are committed to the principles and practice of Australian democracy.

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