Summer Winter Sport
Boys Blue shirt, navy shorts, school jumper, navy socks, black shoes, school hat. Blue shirt, navy shorts or long navy trousers, navy blue school jumper, navy socks, black shoes. Blue school polo shirt, navy shorts or track pants, rugby top, plain white socks, runners, school hat.
Girls Blue and white checkered dress, white school socks, black shoes, school hat. Blue peter-pan collar shirt, school check tunic or navy trousers, navy blue school jumper, navy socks or navy tights, black shoes. Blue school polo shirt, navy shorts or track pants, rugby top, plain white socks, runners, school hat.

All students with shoulder length hair or longer must have it tied back with navy ribbon/scrunchie.


The spirit of the school is reflected in the behaviour and physical presentation of students and the relationships between all members of the school community and parish. The presentation of our students during school hours, whilst travelling to and from school and when on excursion is therefore paramount to the good reputation of the school.

We believe that a uniform dress code strengthens students’ pride in their own appearance and engenders a strong sense of identity as an integral part of the school community.

Issues of equality, health and safety and expense are equal considerations in the development of the St Mary’s East Malvern Uniform Policy.


• To outline the expected standards for school uniform dress code and supply arrangements to parents and students

• To provide guidelines for the expected dress code for casual days and school excursions

• To instil and maintain a sense of pride in students of the school

• To maintain and enhance the positive image of the school and its students throughout the wider community.

Implementation and Adherence

The uniform is comprised of a prescribed full winter and summer uniform, an on-campus sports uniform and an inter-school sports uniform. Specific variations include Year 6 Leader’s rugby jumper and house colour t-shirts.

Sports uniforms can only be worn on class allocated Physical Education days or nominated sports participation days.

The summer uniform with sun hats must be worn in Terms 1 and 4. The winter uniform is to be worn in Terms 2 and 3.

With the exception of socks, shoes, house colour t-shirts, and other items as specified from time to time, all uniform items should be purchased from Bob Stewart.

Students are required to wear the full uniform as outlined in this Policy each day.

Staff will actively support the school uniform policy to ensure adherence. If a student is attired incorrectly, a note to parent(s)/guardian will be sent home with the student that day.

If students are unable to correctly wear any aspects of the prescribed school uniform, an explanatory note is required.

Where casual dress days at school or on excursions or camps occur, students are required to maintain an acceptable dress standard. This translates as appropriate clothing that is not too revealing and does not carry offensive slogans. Thongs are not to be worn, as they are not suitable for activities or play and may pose a health and safety risk.

Changes to uniform policy will be undertaken via a consultative process and will be considerate of the rationale detailed above. Agreed changes will be clearly communicated to the parent body. A reasonable migration period will apply for any changes to the school uniform.

The Policy has been prepared by the Parish Education Board and School Principal. The Policy is available to the school community via the School Office, www.smmalverneast.catholic.edu.au and during the School Enrolment process.

School uniform should be worn at all times.

Art smocks are also required for all students.

School SunSmart hats must be worn from mid-August until the end of April, or when the UV levels reach 3 and above (see our SunSmart Policy for further details).

Running shoes must only be worn on P.E. and Sports days.


Purchase St Mary’s uniform items from Bob Stewart, 158-160 Waverley Rd, Malvern East VIC 3145