School fees are debited at the beginning of Term 1. Those wishing to pay for the full year in advance may do so, alternatively they can be paid in equal instalments up to the 30th September when all outstanding amounts are to be finalised. This is a charge per family.

In addition to school fees, there is a class, swimming and excursion levy which is paid once, in February. The class levy pays for art and craft materials, computer software, class books, use of physical education equipment, library etc. This is a charge per child. St Mary’s does not issue a book or stationery list. Class teachers provide everything that is needed for each student at school.

For families with students  in Grades 3-6, there is also a charge for camp which will be billed separately with payment due before departure for camp.

There is also a Building Levy of $200 per family per year; this should also be paid in Term 1.


Levies per child:

GRADE 1 $770
GRADE 2 $770
GRADE 3 $970
GRADE 4 $970
GRADE 5 $1000
GRADE 6 $1000

Fees per family:

$2420.00 per family per year

$200 Building Levy per family

(Levies from Grades 3-6 include Chrome Book Lease of $165.00 per student)