Physical Education

The importance of Physical Education in the development of self-confidence,  coordination, gross motor skills and fine motor skills in children has been recognised widely in recent years. St. Mary’s emphasises the importance of physical education in the total education of the child.

St. Mary’s offers students a wide variety of sporting opportunities for all students to participate in.  The Physical Education Program has a strong emphasis on developing team skills and the ability to work and play co-operatively with others.

Physical Education has a high profile at St Mary’s. The program includes fitness; swimming; inter-school sport; cross-country run; lightning premiership; St Mary’s School Sports; Clinics (e.g. basketball, hockey, football); teaching of games skills; team games; dancing; ball handling skills; skipping; hoops.

At St. Mary’s we believe the children enjoy and benefit from these activities, while at the same time interact socially with one another. Each week, a specific time is set for physical education instruction and activities.

Summer Sports Winter Sports Spring Sports
Basketball Football Cricket
Soccer Netball Swimming
Athletics Soccer Health and PE Week
Tennis Cross Country
Swimming Gymnastics
Football Colours Day

School Sports Victoria

St. Mary’s participates in the School Sports Victoria Program.

School Sport Victoria is the peak body for School Sport in Victoria. School Sport Victoria is a sub-committee of the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development.

There are five levels of competition for representative sports that students at St. Mary’s can progress through. In selected sports, students will have opportunities to compete at a school level, and if successful will be able to progress through to the Dendy district level, Beachside Regional level and State level.

More information can be found on the School Sports Victoria Program website: