Foundation Transition

St Mary’s has developed close links with the Kinders in our area. One of our Foundation Year teachers visits the Kinders in the second part of the year before your child starts School, (normally Term 3).

Transition for the children begins in Term 4 when they visit St Mary’s on four separate occasions.








The tips below may help you and your child get ready for school.

Preparing your child for school

The following suggestions may prove helpful in preparing your child for school:

A St Mary’s school bag is a suitable size for your child – big enough to carry a library book, a standard-sized lunch box, a jumper; but not so big that it is awkward and tires your child.

All articles brought to school should be clearly labelled with your child’s name.

Teach your child to:

• tie shoe laces

• do up buttons with the corresponding button holes

• use zip fasteners

• put on and take off outer clothing without help

• do up and undo the school bag

• unwrap plastic food wraps

• teach your child to put away books, toys, etc., after use

• teach your child to flush the toilet and wash hands, unassisted. (Boys should know how to use a urinal.)