School Advisory Council

The School Advisory Council (SAC) is an essential component of governing and operating as a Catholic school within the Archdiocese of Melbourne. The SAC provides a forum for consultation and participation for parish and school communities.

Our council is advisory and calls on that part of our wider Catholic tradition that sees advice given in the framework of mutual respect, right relationship and hope: a foundation of our trinitarian faith.

“Catholic schooling seeks to provide the young with the best kind of education possible, one that fosters a formation of the whole person that is deeply and enduringly humanising.”

(MACS Statement of Mission)

Parents are welcome to discuss any issue relating to the activities of the School Advisory Council. Our current SAC members for 2023 are listed below.

Monsignor Stuart Hall Parish Priest (Ex-Officio) (Custodian of Mission)
Shane Tobin Principal (Ex-Officio)
Lauren Jones School Executive Representative
Ross Andrews Chair
Kimberly Fendley Secretary
Myles Tehan Deputy Chair
Kristine McGowan Parent Representative
James Harman Parent Representative
Josie Camilleri Parent Representative


Ross: Ross has been a local resident and business owner in East Malvern for 15 years. His oldest son Ty started at St. Mary’s 11 years ago, daughter Lexi 8 years ago and the youngest Sasha is currently in Grade 5. The whole family has enjoyed their time here at St. Mary’s.

Kimberly: Kimberly is the mother of Savannah, in Grade 2 here at St Mary’s. She has dedicated her time to being a stay-at-home mum to assist their child with neurodiversity. Over the years, she has spent a profound amount of time working with various professionals to understand her ASD diagnosis and provide her with the extra care she requires. Two years ago, Kimberly studied to become a teacher’s aide, which briefly introduced her to the educational system. She enjoys spending her time volunteering to help enhance the community’s welfare. Previously, Kimberly worked as an Office Manager in the jewellery manufacturing and retail industry.

Myles: Myles has two sons at St Mary’s, with a third due to start in Foundation in 2024. He has enjoyed the incredibly welcoming community at St Mary’s, both for children and their parents. He welcomes the opportunity to contribute to the school by his membership of the School Advisory Council. In his professional life, he works as a barrister, practising primarily in commercial law.

Kris: This is Kris’ second year on the St Mary’s School Advisory Council. She currently has Charlotte in Grade 2 and Pip in Grade 6, with an older child that has already left. Kris has worked for BDO Australia in their IT department for six years, and relocated from their Brisbane office to Melbourne in late 2018. In her spare time, she is a taxi driver for the three children’s activities and sometimes gets to a Pilates class and to watch North Melbourne.

James: James’ family joined the St Mary’s community in 2019 and has two sons, Tom in Grade 4 and Luke in Grade 2. James is a financial services professional focussed on strategy and governance for an institutional investment organisation, and brings this experience to the School Advisory Committee. As an active family, James keeps the boys occupied through various sports – in particular tennis. He is also teaching them valuable lessons in resilience by ensuring they remain committed Hawthorn supporters!

Josie: Approaching a decade as part of the school community, Josie has had three children to enjoy the benefits St Mary’s has to offer. Her youngest, Flynn, is currently in Grade 4. Professionally Josie has had a varied corporate career in senior marketing roles for luxury brands as well as the not for profit sector. Since becoming a mother she has returned to school to gain qualification as an Interior Designer and now integrates these skills into commercial investments.